The new Fieldhouse will be big in showing our commitment to football. I’m sure we are but, really pushing our expanded market of Nashville and Louisville is also a must. Our basketball competitiveness is a plus but we all know that football is what’s driving all this, that’s where the major money is currently. Last, I love the Houch But to truly be considered for something bigger it needs 10,000 to 12,000 more seats. That may open up more opportunities to bring a few higher profile teams to Bowling Green. Definitely Not the big superpower teams but More teams like Indiana, Missouri, Purdue, Cincinnati etc. maybe even Louisville and Kentucky would be willing to play in Bowling Green, that can travel well and bring big crowds.

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The main reason WKU is not on the radar for expansion is the extremely low number of HAF members. Basically if you don’t buy season tickets you’re not a member.

HUGE mistake on WKU part.

No communication with general public at any time about importance of membership. Not when HAF started. Not when when linked to ticket sales. Not since conference shuffling. Nothing.

No communication

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